One-Click Pool Light Planner

With this tool you know within a few clicks how many lamps you need for your pool. You also have access to the corresponding specification texts and assembly diagrams.

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With just 1 simple click the right advice

WaterVision has developed a tool that shows exactly how many underwater lights are needed for your specific pool. This takes into account the size of the pool and the material of which the pool is made. So you don’t have to think about this anymore.

With just 1 simple click you will find the right advice. If desired, you can fine-tune this advice by choosing a different color and/or increasing or decreasing the light intensity.

The advice consists of three components:

  • The configuration. Here the swimming pool is shown by means of a schematic drawing with the number of lamps in it. The distance between the lamps is the mutual distance. Below is a parts list of the required parts & quantities for this configuration. Both for chlorinated water and for saltwater swimming pools.
  • The assembly diagram. This diagram shows how the lamps should be connected to the mains and in relation to each other.
  • The specification texts. The products from the parts lists are fully written out here and can easily be copied into a specification.

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