Recessed housing WV3 for liner & prefab swimming pools with chlorinated water

“Reliable, efficient and simple solutions for the installation of underwater lights”

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Always the right recessed housing

Whether it concerns a new (swimming) pool to be built, replacing your old lighting with new energy-saving LED lighting or placing initial lighting in your existing pool. WaterVision has a suitable built-in or surface-mounted solution for every situation and for every type of bath.

Technical specifications

Type water

Chlorinated water

Type zwembad

Liner, Prefab

Material Standing stainless 316L
Dimensions ø119mm x 105mm
Flange gland PG16
Pipe connection 20mm
Country of origin Netherlands

Article list

Item number Description Application Specification text
V0169 Recessed pot of stainless steel 316L for chlorinated water for WV3 for liner or prefab pools Ø119mm x 105mm. Including pressure ring, gasket set, screws and flange gland chlorinated water -