WV19 pool light behind window ColorWave

Pool lighting

“The WV19 ColorWave series gives color to your pool from behind a glass window”

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Spectacular appearance

The WV19 ColorWave LED underwater floodlights are used to give swimming pool accommodations a spectacular appearance and to offer swimmers a pleasant and safe swimming experience. The lighting creates the right atmosphere for the right activity by enabling fixed colors or color changes; rapidly changing to the beat or slowly changing in color, exciting or calming. Everything is possible with the WaterVision color changers. Your pool can take on a completely different look from one moment to the next and be adapted to the target group, the activity, the theme, the time of day, the time of year…………

Durable and Robust

The WV19 rear window underwater floodlights are a Dutch quality product. The WV19 usually replaces the 400W metal vapor lamp. Due to the considerable savings on energy costs, the lamps pay for themselves within a very short period of time.

Vibrant colors

With Autonomous Color Control® (ACC), WaterVision offers a new powerful light engine that can effectively give the pool water any desired color of the rainbow. For this purpose, in addition to the RGB colors (Red, Green, Blue), intermediate colors are also used, such as amber and orange. Those intermediate colors are automatically controlled with the x-channel.

Technical specifications

Locatie verlichting

Behind glass window lighting


160W, 240W

Type water

Chlorinated water, Salt



Operating voltage 24Vdc or 230Vdc
Light Efficiency 180 lm/W*
Material Aluminium housing with wear-resistant and impact-resistant polycarbonate safety glass
Cooling Forced air cooling
Lamp size 170 x 170 x 255mm
Dimmable Optional
Country of origin Netherlands


Colorchanging effect
Reference projects

Article list

Item number Description Power Lumen * Specification text
V1917155 WV19 Rear Window Underwater Floodlight, ColorWave Gold 2024, RGBxW, ACC, 160W up to 28,800lm RGBW White 24Vdc or 230Vdc, 80W up to 28,800 -

(*) The indicated lumen values are the maximum values of the LED engine (including primary lens) without losses of the secondary optics and voltage converters to be used. These must be settled. The wattages can deviate about 10% from the specified values.