The Amsterdam Zuiderbad is expanding lighting.

The Amsterdam Zuiderbad is a national monument and also the oldest swimming pool in the Netherlands. WaterVision has been responsible for lighting both above and below water. Under water, the WV15 NanoPower LED floodlights in the Mediterranean Blue color provide excellent service and above water, the CrystalColor series lamps ensure that the building’s character is fully expressed and works harmoniously with the underwater lighting.

Peaceful and relaxed ambiance

The above water lighting was recently expanded with the latest generation of the CrystalColor5 series and thus completes the total lighting plan. The 14 pieces CrystalColor5 LED spots are expertly attached and positioned on the ceiling and provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The lighting is continuously adjustable and dimmable and automatically adapts to the time of day. For example, the lighting changes from a warm color in the morning to a more white ‘daylight’ color during the day.

All CrystalColor5 LED spots are operated by the WaterVision ColorComposer, which is fully pre-programmed to the wishes of the Zuiderbad. The characteristic changing rooms are lit with a ‘sunset’ color that ensures that the skin of the swimmers looks good and healthy.


“Our visitors also get a warm feeling when they enter the Zuiderbad. And that's what we do in the end"
Alex Blok
Technical Service

Circular luminaires

The housings of the CrystalColor fixtures are made of solid aluminum and do not wear out. The LED modules are subject to wear and tear. At the end of their life, WaterVision can take back the fixtures and provide them with new light engines. The fixtures are then disassembled and completely cleaned. The fixtures are then ready for use again. In addition to being good for the environment, this makes a substantial contribution to the circular economy in its purest and most efficient form.

The Zuiderbad

The Zuiderbad in Amsterdam is a national monument and houses the oldest swimming pool in the Netherlands. The building was built in 1897 and was initially used as a bicycle school (Velox). The building was not opened as Zuiderbad until 1912. A major restoration followed in 1999, in which much of the original interior has been preserved. Even the sand filter to purify the water in the basement of the building is still there and still in excellent service. The striking characteristic wooden changing rooms are also still there. The Zuiderbad attracts approximately 200,000 visitors every year. The Zuiderbad is located at 26 Hobbemastraat in Amsterdam.


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