Plopsaland is further rolling out the WaterVision lighting concept.

The brand-new swimming paradise Plopsaqua Landen-Hannuit, located on the border between Flanders and Wallonia, is ready to receive visitors. This is evident from an extensive photo report. The 25-million-euro complex was largely decorated in the style of Studio 100 figure Maya the Bee.

Plopsaqua Landen-Hannuit consists of three large slides, a wave pool, a rapid, whirlpools, an outdoor pool, a paddling pool around clown Bumba, a water playground, a sunbathing area and a sauna. The waterpark covers an area of 4800 square meters.

High-quality object lighting

WaterVision has been given the opportunity to provide the park with high quality LED lighting. The CrystalColor lighting ensures that various objects are beautifully illuminated. Among other things, the Maya Tree, the Honeycomb, the Lazy River, the Rock Wall, the Waterfall and many more objects really come into their own.

The lighting has been selected with care and not only creates a beautiful atmosphere, but also makes the experience complete.”
Pieter Dewaegeneere
Technical Investment Manager

Optimal light and experience effect

The lighting is mounted in a grid and each individual lamp is adapted to the mounting position in relation to the object to be illuminated. For example, there is a lot of variation with beam angles and colours to get the best possible effect and experience. The hanging position of the lighting does not matter anymore. The pigments of the objects are accentuated, because the light colour is adapted to the specific object. “I consciously chose WaterVision because this “grid principle” works great in combination with these CrystalColor lights,”says Dewaegeneere. “The experience we have previously gained in Plopsa de Panne with WaterVision and their working method have weighed heavily in my choice. The planning of the electrical installation becomes simple and can be made long before all objects are clear. If something changes in the park, only the composition of a few lights will be adjusted.”

Lighting from the CrystalColor has also been used in the catering area and the central seating area. The rapids and the swimming pools are equipped with underwater lighting from the successful WV15 series. This extremely flat fixture provides excellent light and is fully adapted to the lighting above water, so that the experience will be complete.

Second Plopsaqua

Plopsaqua Landen-Hannuit is Plopsaqua’s second location. The first, dedicated to Vicky the Viking, opened in 2015 in De Panne (Belgium). There are many similarities. The slides Sky Drop, Disco Slide and Sliding Tires, for example are similar to the attractions in De Panne. There is also – just like in De Panne – a wave pool with a rain machine above it and a rapid next to it. WaterVision also supplied the lighting at Plopsa de Panne at the time to the full satisfaction of both Plopsaqua and the visitors.

The new Plopsaqua location will replace the current urban swimming pool in the city of Landen. As an introduction, all primary school students receive a free annual Plopsaqua subscription from the city council. The Plopsa Group currently has plans for the construction of a Plopsa swimming pool in Mechelen.


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