In the sauna and wellness world, experience and relaxation play a crucial role. Colored LED lighting is therefore very much in the limelight in this industry. With colored light we can not only create atmosphere but also influence the mood of people.

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Spectacular appearance
The right atmosphere for the right activity

Extremely robust lighting with proven quality since 2004

Better visibility of the swimmers leads to a safer swimming environment

LED sauna lighting

Much research has been done in recent years into the exact influence of specific colors on humans. LED light is particularly suitable for creating atmosphere and influencing emotions. This is mainly due to the versatile application possibilities and the ease with which light colors can be adjusted.

Sauna lighting - up to 102⁰

Beautiful atmospheric lighting for the steam room.

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CrystalColor7 special white

Illuminate your objects in an unparalleled way. (The bowl indirectly illuminates the room).

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High demands LED sauna lighting

High demands must be made on the LED luminaires that are used in sauna environments. For example, the LED fixtures must be suitable for use in damp rooms, so 100% airtight and watertight. In addition, the fixtures must be able to withstand higher temperatures. And that’s a good thing, because WaterVision meets all these high requirements.

Matching color program and color therapy

WaterVision has extensive experience in the sauna industry. There is intensive cooperation with customers to realize new applications and products. A nice example of this is a special color change system for infused saunas in which a number of matching color programs can be activated during an infusion session with different scents. Or an optimized light scene for a sauna with color therapy.


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